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  1. Lena:     Remember when we talked about that performance piece by Vanessa Brazeau and Stefan Klein?

    Michio:     Sure, it was called Again, right? Where you had to, like, pick a piece of folded paper with a time printed on it and when that time came, you had to open it and at that exact moment act out the instructions written inside. Well, it was sort of a distortion of time and space, one movement performed in parts by a large group of people.

    Lena:      Yeah, when I arrived in the morning to open the CHB I thought the movement of unlocking the door would be peorfect for that piece. It’s something no one witnesses, an act everyone is excluded from. Including the audience would be a way of integrating them in the daily situation of opening and closing.  It would propose a different form of exclusion, since the movement as a whole would stay invisible and focus instead on its fragmentation, the rearrangement of an action.

    Michio:     True, and it’s actually really nice that it’s so unlikely that the piece can be witnessed in its entirety. It’s like breaking with the expectation of cultural consumption. I think we are on to something Lena, maybe it can be worked out.

    [first performed: 6.2.2017 Montag Modus // Collegium Hugaricum Berlin]