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  1. Reflecting on thoughts about the concept of a manifest and structural order, I re-printed the book Über das Neue by Boris Groys on thermal paper and bound the pages into a book. Printed on thermal paper (that reacts with heat/light) the text will “disappear” after some time leaving empty pages that are free to form a new statement. In his essay Groys states that as soon as a new work of art or a new theory is suspected of being culturally important it will be assigned to either a profane or an archival space. In this context, the archive can be seen as a materialised memory, where artefacts that are of value for society, are stored. The process of disappearing reflects on the basic idea of Groys' dialectic concept of the profane space and the archive and proposes the idea of a paradigm shift: something old has to disappear for something new to come. Entering the archival system the book is now registered and on display amonst others at the

    MoMa - Museum of modern Art NY (USA)

    Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, Chicago (USA)

    MSU - Museum of Modern Art Zagreb (CRO)

    Library of the Tate Gallery (UK)

    MAK – Museum for Contemporary Art, Vienna (Austria)

    Albertina, Art Museum Vienna (Austria)

    Weserburg, Museum of Modern Art, Bremen (Germany)

    Art Library, Berlin State Museum (Germany)

    Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum der Nationalbibliothek (DBSM) Leipzig (Germany)

    Kunstbibliothek der Stadt Köln (Germany)

    Klingspor Museum, Offenbach am Main (Germany)

    Gerd Bucerius Bibliothek und Sammlung Buchkunst - MKG, Hamburg (Germany)